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HTTPS: Setup the connection parameters

TElHTTPSServer is a low-level class, each instance of which handles one connection from the client.

Here's how you setup the HTTPS server, should you need one:

  1. Create a TCP (or other) server which will accept incoming connections;
  2. Create an instance of TElHTTPSServer for each established connection;
  3. Optionally dedicate a thread for the new connection (or make the HTTPS server share the worker thread with other connections);
  4. Handle the events of TElHTTPSServer, described below;
  5. Call TElHTTPSServer.Open() method;
  6. Handle the dataflow;
  7. Once done (the request is completed and keep-alive is not used, or the client disconnects itself, or timeout happens), call TElHTTPSServer.Close() method

For the server to work, you need to handle at least the following events of TElHTTPSServer:

  • OnOpenConnection - fired when the incoming connection is established;
  • OnSend - used to send the outgoing data to the client connection;
  • OnReceive - used to request the incoming data from the client connection;
  • OnCloseConnection - fired when the incoming connection is closed
Additionally you need to handle

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