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HTTPS: Setup the connection parameters

To make an HTTP or HTTPS request you need to create an instance of TElHTTPSClient component.

TElHTTPSClient sets predefined values for all major request parameters, so you don't need to set/change them unless you have a requirement to do so. Most request parameters are specified using RequestParameters property, which references an instance of TElHTTPRequestParams class. This class lets you specify various HTTP request parameters, such as Referer, UserAgent and more. For various operations (get, post etc.) additional properties can be used.

Using the same class you can restrict the types of the data that the server can provide. This is done by adjusting the values of Accept, AcceptCharset, AcceptLanguage properties of TElHTTPRequestParams class.

If you want to send several requests without re-opening connection each time, you can use keep-alive mode. This is done by setting KeepAlivePolicy property according to your needs. To close connection after sending several requests, or to abort an ongoing connection, use CancelRequest() method.

To adjust authentication settings, see the corresponding how-to article.

If you want to connect using HTTP proxy, see Setup Proxies topic.

To set the cookie for the request, see Work With Cookies topic.

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