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HTTPS: Receive a response

There exist two ways to receive the data, sent by the HTTP server in response to your request.

The first way is to use TElHTTPSClient.OutputStream property. You need to create a stream object and assign it to OutputStream property. When you send the request to the server, the response data is written to the stream by the client. You get access to the data after the request is complete and execution returns from the the request method.

The second way is to handle TElHTTPSClient.OnData event. With this event you can receive the data as soon as they are received from the server. In .NET and VCL editions you can create an event handler using the form designer, and if you create an instance of TElHTTPSClient class in code, you need to create a handler function and set a reference to TElHTTPSClient.OnData event.

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