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FTPS: Connect sockets and FTPS server

TElFTPSServer class is a low-level class that acts as a data processor. Sockets (or other transport channel) layer and threading is to be implemented by the separately. A separate instance of TElFTPSServer is used for each incoming client connection.

Your application code should listen to incoming connection and accept it. Once new socket connection is available, the code should initialize and setup TElFTPSServer.

When there's data available in the command or data socket, the application code should call TElFTPSServer.DataAvailable() method. TElFTPSServer will fire OnCmdReceive event to read the command socket data. Application code should read the data from the command socket and pass it to TElFTPSServer. When the server has something to send to the client via the command connection, it fires OnCmdSend event. In the event handler the application code should write the data to the command socket (or to the intermediate buffer for sending).

OnDataReceive and OnDataSend events are used to read and write socket data during file transfer via the data socket.

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