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FTPS: Send custom commands

To send a custom command to the FTP server, use SendCmd() method of TElSimpleFTPSClient class. The method accepts the complete command to be sent and an array of acceptable (allowed) response codes. If the command is executed and the accepted response code is returned by the server, the method returns this response code. If the unacceptable response code is returned, the exception is thrown.

Note, that the command should not be aimed to open the data channel.

To get the reply text, sent by the server, use LastReceivedReply property of TElSimpleFTPSClient class.


FTPSClient.SendCmd("CDUP", new short[] {200, 250});
string s = FTPSClient.LastReceivedReply;

FTPSClient.SendCmd('CDUP', [200, 250]);
s := FTPSClient.LastReceivedReply;

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Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum