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EDI: Save composed AS2/AS3 messages

To save the composed message, call Save() method of the message instance and pass the data stream or the name of the file with your data. Also you need to provide a stream object or a file name where you want a new AS2 or AS3 message to be stored in. If you need the message header and the message body to be stored separately, you need to provide two different streams - one for the message header and another one for the message body



// create a AS2 message
TElAS2Message message = new TElAS2Message();

// set originator and recipient ids
message.AS2From = "MyAS2Id";
message.AS2To = "MyBusinessPartnerId";

// load EDI data from the file and save
// the AS2 message to another file
message.Save("mydata.edi", "mymsg.as2m");

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Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum