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EDI: Send the receipt to the message sender

To send an AS3 receipt (this can be done only asynchronously) you use one of TElAS3Client.Send() methods. You pass a receipt data, which you have obtained by saving a receipt to a stream, to Send() method.

To send an AS2 receipt asynchronously you use one of TElAS2Client.SendReceipt() methods. Those methods let you send a receipt that you have previously saved to a stream or streams or to a file.

To send an AS2 receipt synchronously (as a reply to the received message) it is important that the HTTP server lets you add HTTP response headers as well as modify default headers composed by the server, such as Content-Type. To perform sending of the receipt you need to take the following steps:

  1. save the receipt in the way that you get two separate streams - with headers and with the body;
  2. merge the headers sent by the HTTP server in the response with the headers of the saved receipt in such a way, that receipt's headers override server's default headers with the same names;
  3. send the body of the receipt as you would send any other HTTP response data.

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