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EDI: Manage errors in the created receipt

If you created a receipt from the AS2 or AS3 message, the error list was copied from the message as well. So you need to remove the existing errors and/or warnings from the receipt. This is done via Errors property. Also you can add your own error or warning messages to the receipt also via Errors property.



TElAS2Receipt receipt = new TElAS2Receipt();

// configure the receipt automatically

// optionally, it's possible to change errors list

// you can remove errors you donít want to be reported
// to the message originator, for example, warnings
int i = 0;
while (i < receipt.Errors.Count)
    // this removes all the warnings found in the original message
    if (receipt.Errors[i].Modifier == TSBASDispositionModifier.dmWarning)
// also, it's possible to add errors and/or warnings
// specific to your application
receipt.Errors.Add(MY_ERROR_CODE, "error-summary", "My error description",

// check if the receipt has to be signed
if (receipt.Signature.Enabled)
    // assign a certificate storage with your certificate and its
    // private key loaded
    receipt.Signature.CertStorage = signingCertificates;

// assemble the receipt and save it to a stream

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