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DC add-on: Customize Java applet

If the provided parameters are not enough to customize the Java applet for a certain environment, it's possible to modify the sources of the applet. The applet is written in pure Java, it uses only the standard Java libraries and relies neither on any third-party library nor on Java edition of SecureBlackbox.

The applet sources consist of two parts located in the Classes folder (contains all the necessary code which processes incoming XML-requests and produces outgoing XML-responses) and in the Applet folder (actually, contains the applet source code).

So the overall process of modifying the Java applet is:

  1. Use the IDE of your choice to modify the applet sources (we use Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA for development)
  2. If you modified the sources located in the Classes folder, build them and pack into a JAR file (originally, this is com.secureblackbox.dc.jar file).
  3. Build the modified applet source file(s) located in the Applet folder, then pack them into a separate JAR file (originally, this is com.secureblackbox.dc.applet.jar file).
  4. Sign the new JAR file(s) with your code signing certificate.
  5. Change the archive and code attributes of the applet tag according to the changed names.

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