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Clouds: Download file

Dropbox supports partial download of files. To download a file from Box.com take the following steps:

  1. Create a stream to which the data will be written.
  2. Call TElDropboxDataStorage.ReadObject() method to download file data completely. To download just a part of file, use TElDropboxDataStorage.ReadBlock() method. Alternatively use TElBoxDataStorage.ReadBlock() method. Note that to read the file in parts you need to enable passthrough mode by setting PassthroughMode property to true.


FileStream output = new FileStream(@"X:\downloaded.bin", FileMode.Create);
    storage.ReadObject(@"/Parent1/Parent2/filename.ext", output);

If you already have an object of TElDropboxDataStorageObject class, you can use its Read() or ReadBlock() methods.

TElDropboxDataStorage class has OnProgress event, which allows to track and show the progress of data download, and interrupt the transfer if necessary.

If the file was encrypted or signed when it was uploaded to the server, then during downloading of such files the additional steps are to be taken.

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