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Limit bandwidth used by the transport class

SecureBlackbox transport classes (SSL / TLS, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, WebDAV, SSH, SFTP, Cloud, AS2, AS3) support so-called bandwidth control - restrictions on amount of data sent per second. Speed restrictions are set separately for sent and received data.

Speed restrictions are useful in slow networks, where the network connection is shared between multiple consumers. In this situation it is important for the component to behave nicely and let other consumers make use of the network as well.

Also in slow and unstable networks lower speed of transfer usually increases stability and decreases the chance for network failure and disconnection.

OutgoingSpeedLimit and IncomingSpeedLimit properties of bandwidth-control-enabled components can be used to adjust transfer speed. The values for these properties can be changed on the fly.

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