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Setup the default filesystem adapter

FileSystemAdapter provides virtualization layer for access to the file system. Using this adapter you can unify access to different file systems (regular or virtual), control access to files and folders, performed by the classes (this is vital for server-side protocol components which access the file system under user control), implement virtual file systems. Please review general information about filesystem adapters.

All classes that operate via filesystem adapters have FileSystemAdapter property. This property in client-side classes references a pre-created instance of TElDiskFileSystemAdapter class. You can create your own instance of some adapter class and assign it to FileSystemAdapter property. In server-side classes (like TElWebDAVServer) the property must be explicitly initialized before the server is used.

The only customizable property of the default filesystem adapter is TElCustomFileSystemAdapter.BasePath property, used to specify the base path for all file operations. Base path is a prefix, added to all paths and filenames, accessed via the adapter. Base path is used to restrict access of SecureBlackbox components to certain branch of directory tree, for example, per-user storage. Any attempt to access resources outside of the base path will fail.

For fine-grain control over the filesystem operations performed by the classes, you need to create your own filesystem adapter.

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