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Validating signatures in ASiC container

In SecureBlackbox, signature validation is the same for both ASiC-S and ASiC-E. The sample code below demonstrates how to validate ASiC signatures using Delphi.

// ASiC validation example (Pascal code)
Container := TElASiCContainer.Create(nil);
Container.Open('C:\Documents\sampel.asice', false);
for i := 0 to Container.ASiCSignatureCount - 1 do
  // validate signatures and hash of the archived files
  ValidationResult := Container.Validate(Container.ASiCSignatures[i], true);

Please note that the given sample code only validates signatures and file hashes (including the files referenced in the manifests), but does not validate the certificates used for signing.

For more flexible and detailed validation use the corresponding properties of TElASiCCAdESSignature / TElASiCCAdESSignatureEntry, and of TElASiCXAdESSignature / TElASiCXAdESSignatureEntry classes.

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