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General notes

Please check What's New in this version.

All editions

Handling of redirection in HTTP client (TElHTTPSClient) has been changed. When the client receives response code 301 or 302, it fires OnRedirection event with AllowRedirection parameter. Previously this parameter was always set to true before the event was fired. Now it's set to true for GET and HEAD requests and to false for all other requests. This change was made to comply to RFC 2616 which required that no automatic redirection of POST and PUT requests is performed without user confirmation.

Client-side HTTPS assembly (SecureBlackbox.HTTP.dll) now references XML assembly (SecureBlackbox.XML.dll). Please, don't forget to make appropriate corrections during development and deployment of your projects.

.NET Edition

Charsets have been moved from SecureBlackbox.Charsets assembly to SecureBlackbox assembly. SecureBlackbox.Charsets assembly is kept for compatibility purposes, but other assemblies don't use it anymore. The assembly will be removed complete in some future release.

SecureBlackbox.HTTP assembly now depends on SecureBlackbox.XML due to dependency of new component, TElCookieManager.

VCL Edition

Charsets have been moved from ChsBBox package to BaseBBox package. ChsBBox package has been completely removed.

DsgnBBox package has been added. Design-time units from BaseBBox have been moved to this new package.

Now all BPL packages can be used in run-time in your applications as they don't depend on design-time support of Delphi IDE.

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