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What's new in SecureBlackbox 9.0

This release introduces several new packages and Distributed Cryptography add-on. The packages are WebDAVBlackbox, MailBlackbox and LDAPBlackbox.
The most significant new features and improvements are listed below. Besides the listed ones, there have been also introduced a number of other changes, compatibility improvements and fixes. The complete change list is available in the changes.txt file (the file is located in the folder, to which you installed SecureBlackbox, and is also available as a separate download from SecureBlackbox web site).

  1. General changes:
    • Distributed Cryptography add-on lets you sign server-located documents and data using client's X.509 certificate without sending the data to the client or transferring the certificate to the server.

    • HTTPBlackbox server component has been added. This component lets you build your own custom Web server.

    • WebDAVBlackbox package was added. It offers components for connecting to remote WebDAV servers as well as for creating your own WebDAV server.

    • MailBlackbox package has been created with SMTP client and the newly added POP3 client component.

    • New LDAPBlackbox package lets you access and manage X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys using LDAP protocol.

    • Socket-based components got optional support for Punycode, standard for encoding IDN, International Domain Names (non-latin names).

    • TElSocket component and socket-based components now support NTLM and Digest authentication when connecting via HTTPS proxy (WebTunneling)

    • OpenPGP, ZIP, FTPS and SFTP components support file system virtualization layer in their file operations. Virtualization lets you limit and control access of the components to the file system - this is the important security measure for server components that handle file system requests.

    • FTPS and SFTP components support regular expressions and multiple masks in their file operations. Regular expressions are supported in .NET edition and VCL edition in Delphi XE and C++Builder XE.

    • .NET assemblies for Windows Phone 7 have been included as experimental.

  2. PKIBlackbox:
    • Added TElCAdESProcessor class, a high-level CAdES signature creation and processing component

  3. Cloud components:
    • Added compression support

    • Added no-encryption mode

  4. FTP/FTPS client:
    • Significant enhancements have been made, including file and multi-file operations, ListDirectory method, methods for checking file and directory existence and more.

  5. HTTP/HTTPS client:
    • Now it's possible to POST or PUT data by provifing them on-the-fly, rather than by preparing the complete data stream. This allows you to send the data, whose size is initially not known or when the amount of data is large or when the data is generated on-the-fly.

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