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What's new in SecureBlackbox 6.1

In this major release we introduced numerous changes and improvements into OpenPGP, SSH, SSL/TLS and SFTP packages. The most significant additions and improvements are listed below. Besides these major additions and improvements we have made many other changes, compatibility improvements and fixes. Complete change list is available in <SecureBlackbox>\changes.txt file (the file is located in the folder, to which you installed SecureBlackbox, and is also available as a separate download from SecureBlackbox web pages).

  1. General changes:
    • Careful security analysis of the source code was performed to prevent various types of Denial-of-Service attacks on different SecureBlackbox components.

    • Visual Studio 2008 is fully supported by .NET edition now. This includes automatic integration of the components into the IDE during installation.

    • VCL edition includes packages and sample projects for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 (Delphi / Win32 and C++Builder personalities).

    • ActiveX edition was re-worked in order to introduce new interfaces and controls, which allow easier access to numerous properties and methods (see release notes for details).

    • Socket-based components (ElSimpleSSLClient, TElSimpleFTPSClient, TElHTTPSClient, TElSMTPClient, TElSimpleSSHClient, TElSimpleSFTPClient and TElSocket itself) got support for bandwidth control. Now you can limit the transfer speed if the user needs this.

  2. OpenPGP standard:
    • Added possibility to process multiple files when signing or encrypting the files. This means that you can take several files or streams and sign or encrypt them getting one resulting PGP file. And you can take such PGP file later to extract those multiple files. This functionality is compatible with PGP Desktop 9.x software from PGP Corporation.

  3. SSH family of protocols:
    • Now you can use OpenPGP keys for SSH authentication. OpenPGP keys are much easier to manage, than plain SSH keys. And OpenPGP keys can be revoked if needed.

    • Added keep-alive support to simple forwarding components. Now the forwarded connections are not closed by the remote server if no activity happens on the forwarded connection.

    • Several authentication attempts are now supported. Now connection is not aborted if authentication failed, and the application (and the user) has a chance to re-enter the password or specify the different key without reconnecting.

    • Added support for password change requests. SSH protocols support the functionality needed to change the passwords dynamically. With new functionality the user has a chance to respond to such request sent by the server.

    • Added support for specifying custom order of SSH authentication types to try. In some cases (buggy server, user requirements) you have to change the order in which different authentication methods are used. For example, you might want to authenticate first using the OpenPGP key, and next with a password. Or vice versa. You can control this order now.

  4. HTTP / HTTPS client:
    • Added support for Digest and NTLM authentication to all editions of SecureBlackbox. These authentication methods are often used in corporate environments. New methods are currently supported only on Windows platform.

  5. FTP / FTPS client:
    • .NET edition of the component now automatically converts file names from remote charset (when specified) into Unicode and vice versa.

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