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What's new in SecureBlackbox 12.0

The most significant new features and improvements are listed below. Besides the listed ones, there have been also introduced a number of other changes, compatibility improvements and fixes. The complete change list is available in the changes.txt file (the file is located in the folder, to which you installed SecureBlackbox, and is also available as a separate download from SecureBlackbox web site).

  1. General changes:
    • More memory management improvements have been made. In .NET edition it is important to call Dispose() method on all objects which support this method once you have finished using those objects.

  2. PKIBlackbox:
    • OTP (one-time password) schemes (HMAC-Based One-Time Password and Time-based One Time Password) have been added.
    • CAdES baseline profiles and Archival Timestamp V3 are now supported.
    • RSA computations involving private keys are now protected from timing attacks
    • Added support for trusted timestamps (TSP protocol) to Authenticode
    • (.NET) PKCS#11 support is now available on Windows CE (.NET CF)
    • (Java) New TElJavaCertStorage class allows no-JNI access to MY and Root certificate stores in Windows.
    • (Java) TElCustomCertStorage has been enhanced with LoadFrom*BKS methods that allow to load certificates from BKS storages used in Android.
    • (Java) JNI module and code improved to allow usage of PKCS#11 devices on Linux x86/x64, Mac OS X and Android.

  3. FTPSBlackbox:
    • Added support for HOST, SITE, EPRT and EPSV commands to FTPS server
    • TElSimpleFTPSServer.OnCommandUnhandled event has been added
    • TElSimpleFTPSServer.OutgoingLocalBinding property added that allows to set outgoing address and port for active transfer mode

  4. SSHBlackbox:
    • Port knocking functionality has been added to SSH forwarding components

  5. SFTPBlackbox:
    • Improved upload speed with popular Bitvise WinSSHD server

  6. XMLBlackbox:
    • New TElXMLSOAPClient component lets you prepare and send SOAP requests and receive and handle SOAP responses
    • Added support for AES-GCM authenticated encryption algorithm in XML encryption

  7. CloudBlackbox:
    • Added data storage components for Box.com service
    • Added data storage components for Box.com service

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