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What's new in SecureBlackbox 10.0

The most significant new features and improvements are listed below. Besides the listed ones, there have been also introduced a number of other changes, compatibility improvements and fixes. The complete change list is available in the changes.txt file (the file is located in the folder, to which you installed SecureBlackbox, and is also available as a separate download from SecureBlackbox web site).

  1. General changes:
    • .NET assemblies for .NET 4.5 / Windows RT API have been added
    • Java edition on Windows now supports Windows CryptoAPI and Windows Certificate Storage via JNI. Also PKCS#11 is supported (currently on Windows only).
    • VCL edition now supports Delphi and FreePascal 2.6 on Linux and MacOS X (and iOS). Evaluation versions are now available for FreePascal on MacOS X and iOS and for Linux.
    • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE3 (Delphi XE3, C++Builder XE3) is now supported by VCL edition.
    • ActiveX edition has been upgraded with 64-bit version and true Unicode support. Also all controls have been refreshed with new features, previously available in other editions.
    • DLL interface has been removed from ActiveX edition.
    • Library edition has been added (currently for Windows). Library edition offers DLL and C++ interface to SecureBlackbox functionality.
    • Charset tables have been revisited, with 29 new charsets added and mistakes in existing charsets fixed.
    • JCE cryptoprovider has been added to Java edition.
  2. Base and PKI functionality:
    • Added TElMessageTimestamper and TElMessageTimestampVerifier classes which let you timestamp the data without signing as defined in RFC 5544.
    • JSON parser and assembler have been included.
    • TElSymmetricKeyMaterial extended with password-to-key conversion methods. These methods are useful when you need to create a symmetric key from user-provided passphrase in cryptographically-secure manner.
    • CNG (Cryptographic API / New Generation) keys can now be used on Vista and later systems
    • Added GOST R34.10-2001 algorithm to PKCS7/CMS
    • Added CertificateRetriever helper classes for Certificate Validator. Those classes download CA certificate if the one can not be found by TElX509CertificateValidator during validation of certificates.
    • TElWinCertStorage.Select/ImportWizard and TElX509Certificate.View methods added to simplify CryptUI usage.
    • Added BCrypt algorithm which is used to calculate hashes in a strong manner, resistable to brute-force attacks due to artificially low speed of hash calculation.

  3. SSLBlackbox:
    • Added support for Heartbeat extension (RFC 6520). This extension lets you support sending of keep-alive packets to keep connection open.
    • Added TLS 1.2 ciphersuites (new algorithms). Now TLS 1.2 support in SecureBlackbox is complete.

  4. SSHBlackbox:
    • Added new SHA2-based schemes (RFC 6668) for better security of SSH communications.

  5. OpenPGPBlackbox:
    • Added Elliptic Curve algorithms (ECDSA/ECDH) to OpenPGP

  6. PDFBlackbox:
    • Added support for Adober Reader X 'locking' signatures
    • Added accurate signature blob size estimation to PAdES signatures

  7. XMLBlackbox:
    • Speed of XML loading has been significantly improved

  8. HTTPBlackbox:
    • Added OAuth authentication to HTTPS client
    • Added parser of multipart form data to HTTPS server

  9. OfficeBlackbox:
    • Added XAdES support for binary and OOXML documents

  10. ZIPBlackbox:
    • Added option to save file attributes on packing and restore them on unpacking

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