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Using SecureBlackbox NG edition

NG edition of SecureBlackbox comes with no IDE integration, for which you need packages of VCL edition. You can install VCL edition (evaluation) to have the SecureBlackbox components on the component palette / Toolbox. NG edition offers

Use of SecureBlackbox for iOS development

To use SecureBlackbox functionality for iOS application development, you need to make the following adjustments to your Rad Studio/Delphi environment:

  1. Add the "libpthread.dylib" library to the iOS Device SDK Library paths. First, check if the library is already present in: Tools -> Options -> Environment Options/SDK Manager -> iOS Device SDK Properties/Remote paths/Library paths. If not, you can add it by clicking "Add a new path item" button in the top right. In the "Add Remote Path Item" window, enter "Path on remote machine: $(SDKROOT)/usr/lib", "File mask: libpthread.dylib", "Path type: Library path". When the new path item has been added, click on "Update Local File Cache" button to refresh the paths.
  2. Add the iOS SDK path to Delphi Library path for iOS Device and iOS Simulator Platforms. In Delphi, use menu item Tools -> Options -> Environment Options/Delphi Options/Library -> Library path. Typically, the path should look like "C:\Users\user\Documents\RAD Studio\SDKs\iPhoneOS7.0.3.sdk\usr\lib".

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