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File System Adapters

FileSystemAdapter provides virtualization layer for access to the file system. Using this adapter you can unify access to different file systems (regular or virtual), control access to files and folders, performed by the components (this is vital for server-side protocol components which access the file system under user control), implement virtual file systems.

Base file system adapter class is TElCustomFileSystemAdapter.

TElDiskFileSystemAdapter class provides access to the real disk and can limit user operations to certain branch of directories on the disk.

TElSolidFileSystemAdapter provides interface to Solid File System virtual storage (offered as a separate product). Solid File System provides a file system in container (container can be stored in a file, database, memory or in any other custom storage) with built-in encryption, compression, size control and other outstanding features.

If you need some custom storage or you want fine-grain control over the file system access, you need to implement a descendant to TElCustomFileSystemAdapter and override methods that provide actual access to files. Also you can create a descendant of one of existing classes and override only those methods that you need.

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