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Activating the components with the license key

Java edition

SecureBlackbox components require a key, without which they can't be used. For evaluation purposes you will find a trial key in the folder where you installed SecureBlackbox. The file which contains the key is named "LicenseKey.txt".

You need to call SetLicenseKey function and pass your license key as Key parameter. Remember, that you don't pass any file name, registry key name or anything else. You pass the license key itself (a text string).
Call SetLicenseKey before using any SecureBlackbox methods.

    void SetLicenseKey(String Key);

To set two or more license keys (when you have different license keys for different packages of SecureBlackbox) at the same time, just call SetLicenseKey several times, passing a different license key in each call. License keys are added, not replaced.
Note, that as the keys are added, passing an evaluation license key together with production license key will force evaluation delays and nag screen, so be sure to remove the evaluation license key from the list of keys being set.

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