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Specifies WinZip encryption version.


    uint WinZipEncryptionVersion;

    Property WinZipEncryptionVersion As UInt32

    property WinZipEncryptionVersion : cardinal;

    uint32_t get_WinZipEncryptionVersion();
    void set_WinZipEncryptionVersion(uint32_t Value);

    integer get_WinZipEncryptionVersion()
    void set_WinZipEncryptionVersion(integer $Value)

    int getWinZipEncryptionVersion();
    void setWinZipEncryptionVersion(int Value);


    This property is used to specify WinZip encryption version. This version tells how to treat CRC32 of encrypted file. For more information, refer to WinZip AES encryption page. Possible values: 1, 2.

See also:     WinZipEncryption    

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