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This property holds the revocation information for XAdES-X-Long.


    TElXMLRevocationValues RevocationValues;

    Property RevocationValues As TElXMLRevocationValues

    property RevocationValues: TElXMLRevocationValues;

    TElXMLRevocationValues* get_RevocationValues();
    void set_RevocationValues(TElXMLRevocationValues &Value);
    void set_RevocationValues(TElXMLRevocationValues *Value);

    TElXMLRevocationValues get_RevocationValues()
    void set_RevocationValues(TElXMLRevocationValues $Value)


    The RevocationValues element is used to hold the values of the revocation information which are to be shipped with the XML signature in case of an XML Advanced Electronic Signature with Extended Validation Data (XAdES-X-Long).

See also:     CertificateValues    

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