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This property contains references to the Attribute Authorities certificates.


    TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs AttributeCertificateRefs;

    Property AttributeCertificateRefs As TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs

    property AttributeCertificateRefs: TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs;

    TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs* get_AttributeCertificateRefs();
    void set_AttributeCertificateRefs(TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs &Value);
    void set_AttributeCertificateRefs(TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs *Value);

    TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs get_AttributeCertificateRefs()
    void set_AttributeCertificateRefs(TElXMLCompleteCertificateRefs $Value)


    Use this property to get or set the references to the set of Attribute Authorities certificates that have been used to validate the attribute certificate. This property may be used only if the attribute certificate is present in the signature.
    Supported in XAdES versions 1.2.2 and 1.3.2.

See also:     AttributeRevocationRefs    

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