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Specifies the time-stamp as an XML-encoded data.


    TElXMLAnyType XMLTimestamp;

    Property XMLTimestamp As TElXMLAnyType

    property XMLTimestamp: TElXMLAnyType;

    TElXMLAnyType* get_XMLTimestamp();
    void set_XMLTimestamp(TElXMLAnyType &Value);
    void set_XMLTimestamp(TElXMLAnyType *Value);

    TElXMLAnyType get_XMLTimestamp()
    void set_XMLTimestamp(TElXMLAnyType $Value)

    TElXMLAnyType getXMLTimestamp();
    void setXMLTimestamp(TElXMLAnyType Value);


    This property represents a timestamp encoded as XML. The timestamp generated by the TSA can be also an ASN.1 data object (as defined in [TSP]). For this purpose, use EncapsulatedTimestamp.

See also:     EncapsulatedTimestamp    

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