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Saves the XML data.


    void Save(ref TElXMLDOMNode Node);

    Sub Save(ByRef Node As TElXMLDOMNode)

    procedure Save(var Node : TElXMLDOMNode);

    void Save(TElXMLDOMNode &Node);

    void Save(TElXMLDOMNode &$Node)

    void save(TSBObject Node);


  • Node - the node into which the result should be placed. If the node is null/Nothing/nil, a new node is created.


    Use this method to save the signed data. This method returns the XML node, which contains the signature or signed data (depending on SignatureType setting).
    This method saves the signature into the document and performs actual signing. Prior to signing it may recalculate the reference digest values, if reference URI points are inside the signature element.

See also:     GenerateSignature     SignatureType     SaveDetached     SaveEnveloped     SaveEnveloping    

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