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Initiates asynchronous signing.


    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(ref TElXMLDOMNode Node);

    Function InitiateAsyncSign(ByRef Node As TElXMLDOMNode) As TElDCAsyncState

    function InitiateAsyncSign(var Node : TElXMLDOMNode) : TElDCAsyncState;

    TElDCAsyncStateHandle InitiateAsyncSign(TElXMLDOMNode &Node);
    TElDCAsyncStateHandle InitiateAsyncSign(TElDCParameters &Pars, TElXMLDOMNode &Node);
    TElDCAsyncStateHandle InitiateAsyncSign(TElDCParameters *Pars, TElXMLDOMNode &Node);

    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElXMLDOMNode &$Node)
    TElDCAsyncState InitiateAsyncSign(TElDCParameters $Pars, TElXMLDOMNode &$Node)


  • Node - the node to be signed
  • Pars -

Return value

    Returns TElDCAsyncState object describing the signing state.


    Call this method to initiate asynchronous signing process. It saves the generated XML-DSIG signature to the document, but without signature value. To finalize the process, call CompleteAsyncSign.

See also:     GenerateSignatureAsync     CompleteAsyncSign    

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