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This property references the stream with data.


    System.IO.Stream URIStream;

    Property URIStream As System.IO.Stream

    property URIStream : TStream;

    TStream* get_URIStream();
    void set_URIStream(TStream &Value);
    void set_URIStream(TStream *Value);

    TStream get_URIStream()
    void set_URIStream(TStream $Value)

    TElStream getURIStream();
    void setURIStream(TElStream Value);


    This property is useful if the referenced external data is too big to fit in memory. URIStream then references a part of data with from stream or file. Properties URIStreamCount and URIStreamCount specify the offset of the data in the stream, and its size, correspondingly.

See also:     URIStreamCount     URIStreamOffset     URI    

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