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This property contains the referenced external data.


    byte[] URIData;

    Property URIData As Byte()

    property URIData : ByteArray; {array of byte}

    void get_URIData(std::vector<uint8_t> &OutResult);
    void set_URIData(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Value);

    string get_URIData()
    void set_URIData(array of byte|string|NULL $Value)

    byte[] getURIData();
    void setURIData(byte[] Value);


    Use this property to specify the external data, referenced by URI.

    This property is optional and should be set if you reference the external data via URI property. If you use URINode to reference the XML, then you don't need to set URIData. Also, you can calculate DigestValue yourself and in this case URIData is not necessary too.

See also:     DigestValue     URI     URINode    

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