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TElXMLKeyInfoGOST2001Data Constructor


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Creates a new instance of TElXMLKeyInfoGOST2001Data class.


    TElXMLKeyInfoGOST2001Data(bool OwnResources);
    TElXMLKeyInfoGOST2001Data(bool AOwnResources, TElCustomCryptoProviderManager Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);

    Sub New(ByVal OwnResources As Boolean)
    Sub New(ByVal AOwnResources As Boolean, ByVal Manager As TElCustomCryptoProviderManager, ByVal Prov As TElCustomCryptoProvider)

    constructor Create(OwnResources : boolean);
    constructor Create(AOwnResources : boolean; Manager : TElCustomCryptoProviderManager; Prov : TElCustomCryptoProvider);

    not available

    not available


  • AOwnResources (OwnResources) - specifies whether the object should take care of freeing the resources that are not needed anymore.
  • Manager - the crypto provider manager used to control cryptographic operations.
  • Prov - the crypto provider used to perform cryptographic operations.
  • OwnResources -


    Use this method to create a new TElXMLKeyInfoGOST2001Data object.

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