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Connects to the TSP server and performs timestamping.


    int Timestamp();
    int Timestamp(TElCustomTSPClient TSPClient);

    Function Timestamp As Integer
    Function Timestamp(ByVal TSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient) As Integer

    function Timestamp: integer;
    function Timestamp(TSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient) : integer;

    integer Timestamp()
    integer Timestamp(TElCustomTSPClient $TSPClient, TElCustomCryptoProviderManager $Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider $Prov)
    integer Timestamp(TElCustomTSPClient $TSPClient)


  • TSPClient - Client which will communicate with the TSP server.
  • Manager - ...
  • Prov - ...

Return value

    TSP error code. See TElCustomTSPClient.Timestamp for their values.


    Call this method to connect to the TSP server and get the timestamp.
    The TSPClient parameter is left for compatibility only. It may be specified only if TSPClients property is not assigned.

See also:     AddTimestampData    

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