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This method checks the timestamp.


    bool CheckTimestamp(TElClientTSPInfo Info, TElCustomCryptoProviderManager Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider Prov);
    bool CheckTimestamp(TElClientTSPInfo Info);

    Function CheckTimestamp(ByVal Info As TElClientTSPInfo, ByVal Manager As TElCustomCryptoProviderManager, ByVal Prov As TElCustomCryptoProvider) As Boolean
    Function CheckTimestamp(ByVal Info As TElClientTSPInfo) As Boolean

    function CheckTimestamp(Info : TElClientTSPInfo) : boolean;

    bool CheckTimestamp(TElClientTSPInfo $Info, TElCustomCryptoProviderManager $Manager, TElCustomCryptoProvider $Prov)
    bool CheckTimestamp(TElClientTSPInfo $Info)


  • Info - TSP client info
  • Manager - ...
  • Prov - ...

Return value

     True if the timestamp was checked succesfully, and False otherwise.


    Call this method to check the timestamp when non-implicit mechanisms are used for time-stamping.

See also:     StartTimestampCheck     FinishTimestampCheck    

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