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Encrypts the specified XML data


    void Encrypt(TElXMLDOMNode Data);
    void Encrypt(TElXMLDOMNodeList Data);
    void Encrypt(byte[] Data);

    Sub Encrypt(ByVal Data As TElXMLDOMNode)
    Sub Encrypt(ByVal Data As TElXMLDOMNodeList)
    Sub Encrypt(ByVal Data As Byte())

    procedure Encrypt(Data : TElXMLDOMNode);
    procedure Encrypt(Data : TElXMLDOMNodeList);
    procedure Encrypt(Data : ByteArray);

    void Encrypt(const TElXMLDOMNode &Data);
    void Encrypt(const TElXMLDOMNode *Data);
    void Encrypt(const TElXMLDOMNodeList &Data);
    void Encrypt(const TElXMLDOMNodeList *Data);
    void Encrypt(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Data);

    void Encrypt(TElXMLDOMNode $Data)
    void Encrypt(TElXMLDOMNodeList $Data)
    void Encrypt(array of byte|string|NULL $Data)

    void encrypt(TElXMLDOMNode Data);
    void encrypt(TElXMLDOMNodeList Data);
    void encrypt(byte[] Data);


  • Data - The data to be encrypted


    Use this method to perform data encryption. Then call SaveToDocument method to save the encrypted data.

    Before calling Encrypt you should specify the key to be used for encryption (set KeyData property). If you include the key together with encrypted data (see EncryptKey), then you also need to specify KeyEncryptionKeyData and set other properties of TElXMLEncryptor.

See also:     KeyData     KeyEncryptionKeyData     SaveToDocument    

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