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Value of the MimeType attribute.


    string MimeType;

    Property MimeType As String

    property MimeType : WideString;

    void get_MimeType(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_MimeType(std::wstring &OutResult);
    void set_MimeType(const sb_u16string &Value);
    void set_MimeType(const std::wstring &Value);

    string get_MimeType()
    void set_MimeType(string $Value)

    String getMimeType();
    void setMimeType(String Value);


     MimeType contains a value of the MimeType attribute of EncryptedType element. MimeType is an optional (advisory) attribute which describes the media type of the data which has been encrypted. The value of this attribute is a string with values defined by [MIME]. For example, if the data that is encrypted is a base64 encoded PNG, the transfer Encoding may be specified as 'http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#base64' and the MimeType as 'image/png'. This attribute is purely advisory; no validation of the MimeType information is required and it does not indicate the encryption application must do any additional processing. Note, this information may not be necessary if it is already bound to the identifier in the Type attribute. For example, the Element and Content types defined in this specification are always UTF-8 encoded text.

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