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The value of EncryptionMethod element.


    TElXMLEncryptionMethodType EncryptionMethod;

    Property EncryptionMethod As TElXMLEncryptionMethodType

    property EncryptionMethod : TElXMLEncryptionMethod;

    TElXMLEncryptionMethodType* get_EncryptionMethod();
    void set_EncryptionMethod(TElXMLEncryptionMethodType &Value);
    void set_EncryptionMethod(TElXMLEncryptionMethodType *Value);

    TElXMLEncryptionMethodType get_EncryptionMethod()
    void set_EncryptionMethod(TElXMLEncryptionMethodType $Value)

    TElXMLEncryptionMethodType getEncryptionMethod();
    void setEncryptionMethod(TElXMLEncryptionMethodType Value);



     This property contains the value of EncryptionMethod element. EncryptionMethod is an optional element that describes the encryption algorithm applied to the cipher data. If the element is absent, the encryption algorithm must be known by the recipient or the decryption will fail.

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