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Value of the Type attribute.


    string DataType;

    Property DataType As String

    property DataType : WideString;

    void get_DataType(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_DataType(std::wstring &OutResult);
    void set_DataType(const sb_u16string &Value);
    void set_DataType(const std::wstring &Value);

    string get_DataType()
    void set_DataType(string $Value)

    String getDataType();
    void setDataType(String Value);


     DataType contains a value of the Type attribute of EncryptedType element. Type is an optional attribute identifying type information about the plaintext form of the encrypted content. While optional, this specification takes advantage of it for mandatory processing described in Processing Rules: Decryption (section 4.2). If the EncryptedData element contains data of Type 'element' or element 'content', and replaces that data in an XML document context, it is strongly recommended the Type attribute be provided. Without this information, the decryptor will be unable to automatically restore the XML document to its original cleartext form.

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