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Reference to the encrypted data.


    TElXMLCipherData CipherData;

    Property CipherData As TElXMLCipherData

    property CipherData : TElXMLCipherData;

    TElXMLCipherData* get_CipherData();
    void set_CipherData(TElXMLCipherData &Value);
    void set_CipherData(TElXMLCipherData *Value);

    TElXMLCipherData get_CipherData()
    void set_CipherData(TElXMLCipherData $Value)

    TElXMLCipherData getCipherData();
    void setCipherData(TElXMLCipherData Value);


     CipherData contains a reference to the TElXMLCipherData object. The CipherData is a mandatory element that provides the encrypted data. It must either contain the encrypted octet sequence as base64 encoded text of the CipherValue element, or provide a reference to an external location containing the encrypted octet sequence via the CipherReference element.

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