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This property provides access to encrypted XML data


    TElXMLEncryptedData EncryptedData;

    Property EncryptedData As TElXMLEncryptedData

    property EncryptedData : TElXMLEncryptedData;

    TElXMLEncryptedData* get_EncryptedData();
    void set_EncryptedData(TElXMLEncryptedData &Value);
    void set_EncryptedData(TElXMLEncryptedData *Value);

    TElXMLEncryptedData get_EncryptedData()
    void set_EncryptedData(TElXMLEncryptedData $Value)

    TElXMLEncryptedData getEncryptedData();
    void setEncryptedData(TElXMLEncryptedData Value);


     This property contains an encrypted XML data. In TElXMLEncryptor you can use this property to modify encrypted data before saving. In TElXMLDecryptor you can access information about data encryption before decrypting the data.

See also:     KeyEncryptionKeyData    

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