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Selects nodes by their XPath.


    TElXMLNodeSet SelectNodes(string XPath);
    TElXMLNodeSet SelectNodes(string XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap NSMap);

    Function SelectNodes(ByVal XPath As String) As TElXMLNodeSet
    Function SelectNodes(ByVal XPath As String, ByVal NSMap As TElXMLNamespaceMap) As TElXMLNodeSet

    function SelectNodes(XPath : XMLString) : TElXMLNodeSet;
    function SelectNodes(XPath : XMLString; NSMap : TElXMLNamespaceMap) : TElXMLNodeSet;

    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const sb_u16string &XPath);
    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const std::wstring &XPath);
    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const sb_u16string &XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap &NSMap);
    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const sb_u16string &XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap *NSMap);
    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const std::wstring &XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap &NSMap);
    TElXMLNodeSetHandle SelectNodes(const std::wstring &XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap *NSMap);

    TElXMLNodeSet SelectNodes(string $XPath)
    TElXMLNodeSet SelectNodes(string $XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap $NSMap)

    TElXMLNodeSet selectNodes(String XPath);
    TElXMLNodeSet selectNodes(String XPath, TElXMLNamespaceMap NSMap);


  • XPath - The XPath to the node.
  • NSMap - Namespace map for the XPath. If omitted, namespace map of the owner document is used.


    Use this method to select specific nodes from the list.

See also:     ChildNodes     OwnerDocument    

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