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Reloads the data for the node.


    bool ReloadData(TElXMLDelayLoadMode LoadedData);

    Function ReloadData(ByVal LoadedData As TElXMLDelayLoadMode) As Boolean

    function ReloadData(LoadedData : TElXMLDelayLoadMode) : boolean;

    bool ReloadData(TElXMLDelayLoadMode LoadedData);

    bool ReloadData(integer $LoadedData)

    boolean reloadData(TElXMLDelayLoadMode LoadedData);


  • LoadedData - specifies data types that should be loaded for a Node.For example, if the Element had loaded CDATA and Comments datas, and dlmCDATA and dlmText are specified, then Comments data will be unloaded and Text data will be loaded.



    Use this method to reload the previously unloaded or not loaded data for the node. The method returns true, if the data were reloaded successfully, and false otherwise.

See also:     UnloadData     Loaded    

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