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Creates a copy of the current node.


    TElXMLDOMNode CloneNode(bool Deep);
    virtual TElXMLDOMNode CloneNode(bool Deep, TElXMLDOMDocument aCloneOwner);

    Function CloneNode(Deep As Boolean) As TElXMLDOMNode
    Function CloneNode(Deep As Boolean, aCloneOwner As TElXMLDOMDocument) As TElXMLDOMNode

    function CloneNode(Deep : boolean) : TElXMLDOMNode;
    function CloneNode(Deep : boolean; aCloneOwner : TElXMLDOMDocument) : TElXMLDOMNode;

    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle CloneNode(bool Deep);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle CloneNode(bool Deep, TElXMLDOMDocument &aCloneOwner);
    TElXMLDOMNodeHandle CloneNode(bool Deep, TElXMLDOMDocument *aCloneOwner);

    TElXMLDOMNode CloneNode(bool $Deep)
    TElXMLDOMNode CloneNode(bool $Deep, TElXMLDOMDocument $aCloneOwner)


  • Deep - Specifies where "deep" copy should be made.
  • aCloneOwner - The owner for the newly created node.


    Use this method to create a copy of the node. Deep parameter specifies whether shallow or deep copy should be made. Shallow copy only copies node properties, while deep copy copies node properties and clones all child nodes.

     aCloneOwner parameter specifies the owner document for the new node. If this parameter is not passed (i.e. the method with one parameter is called), the owner of the node, which is being copied, is used.

See also:     ChildNodes     OwnerDocument    

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