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Finds the element(s) with given tag name.


    TElXMLDOMNodeList GetElementsByTagName(string TagName);

    Function GetElementsByTagName(ByVal TagName As String) As TElXMLDOMNodeList

    function GetElementsByTagName(TagName : WideString) : TElXMLDOMNodeList;

    TElXMLDOMNodeListHandle GetElementsByTagName(const sb_u16string &TagName);
    TElXMLDOMNodeListHandle GetElementsByTagName(const std::wstring &TagName);

    TElXMLDOMNodeList GetElementsByTagName(string $TagName)

    TElXMLDOMNodeList getElementsByTagName(String TagName);


  • TagName - A tag name of the nodes to find.


    Use this method to find elements with the given tag name. The method returns a node list, which must be disposed of, when the application finishes using it.

See also:     GetElementByID     GetElementsByTagNameNS    

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