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Contains decrypted data represented as an XML node


    TElXMLDOMNode DecryptedNode;

    Property DecryptedNode As TElXMLDOMNode

    property DecryptedNode : TElXMLDOMNode;

    TElXMLDOMNode* get_DecryptedNode();
    void set_DecryptedNode(TElXMLDOMNode &Value);
    void set_DecryptedNode(TElXMLDOMNode *Value);

    TElXMLDOMNode get_DecryptedNode()
    void set_DecryptedNode(TElXMLDOMNode $Value)

    TElXMLDOMNode getDecryptedNode();
    void setDecryptedNode(TElXMLDOMNode Value);


     Use this property after successful call to Decrypt to read the decrypted data as an XML node. Note, that the node is present only if the decrypted data contained a valid XML node.

     The TElXMLDecryptor component remains the owner of the returned object and deletes the object, when you dispose of the component.

See also:     Decrypt     DecryptData     DecryptNodeList    

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