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Decrypts the XML data


    int Decrypt(TElXMLDOMDocument OwnerDocument);

    Function Decrypt(ByVal OwnerDocument As TElXMLDOMDocument) As Integer

    function Decrypt(OwnerDocument : TElXMLDOMDocument) : integer;

    int32_t Decrypt(const TElXMLDOMDocument &OwnerDocument);
    int32_t Decrypt(const TElXMLDOMDocument *OwnerDocument);

    integer Decrypt(TElXMLDOMDocument $OwnerDocument)

    int decrypt(TElXMLDOMDocument OwnerDocument);


  • Document - The XML document which becomes an owner for decrypted XML node or node list
  • OwnerDocument - ...


    Use this method to perform data decryption. This method returns an error code (0 on success). Before calling this method, load the encrypted data using Load method. After successful decryption you can access decrypted data using DecryptedData and optionally using DecryptedNode and DecryptedNodeList (if the encrypted data was an XML node or node list respectively).

    Before calling Decrypt you should specify the key to be used for decryption (set KeyData property). If the encryption key was also encrypted, you need to specify pre-shared secret, needed for key decryption, via KeyEncryptionKeyData property.

See also:     DecryptedData     DecryptedNode     DecryptedNodeList     KeyEncryptionKeyData    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum