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This method saves element's data in the DOM format.


    Function SaveToXML(ByVal Document As TElXMLDOMDocument) As TElXMLDOMElement
    Function SaveToXML(ByVal Document As TElXMLDOMDocument, ByVal Formatter As TElXMLCustomFormatter) As TElXMLDOMElement

    function SaveToXML(Document : TElXMLDOMDocument) : TElXMLDOMElement;
    function SaveToXML(Document : TElXMLDOMDocument; Formatter : TElXMLCustomFormatter = nil) : TElXMLDOMElement; virtual; abstract;

    TElXMLDOMElement saveToXML(TElXMLDOMDocument arg0, TElXMLCustomFormatter arg1);
    TElXMLDOMElement saveToXML(TElXMLDOMDocument Document);


  • Document - XML document which the XML element belongs to.
  • Formatter - a supplementary parameter for internal use. User should pass nil/null/Nothing.

Return value

DOM element with algorithm data.


Call this method to save element's data into an XML DOM (Document Object Model) element.

See also:     LoadFromXML    

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