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Checks whether the X.509 certificate is in the list.


    int HasCertificate(TElX509Certificate ACertificate);

    Function HasCertificate(ByVal ACertificate As TElX509Certificate) As Integer

    function HasCertificate(ACertificate : TElX509Certificate) : integer;

    int32_t HasCertificate(TElX509Certificate &ACertificate);
    int32_t HasCertificate(TElX509Certificate *ACertificate);

    integer HasCertificate(TElX509Certificate $ACertificate)

    int hasCertificate(TElX509Certificate ACertificate);


  • ACertificate - the certificate to be found in the list

Return value

    Number of the certificate identifier in the list, if it exists;
    -1 if the certificate isn't in list.


    Call this method to find the X.509 certificate identifier in the list.

See also:     Add     AddCertificate    

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