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Adds SigAndRefsTimestamp element to the signature.


    int AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient ATSPClient);
    int AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient ATSPClient, TElXMLCustomFormatter Formatter);

    Function AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(ByVal ATSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient) As Integer
    Function AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(ByVal ATSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient, ByVal Formatter As TElXMLCustomFormatter) As Integer

    function AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(ATSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient) : integer;
    function AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(ATSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient; Formatter : TElXMLCustomFormatter) : integer; virtual;

    int32_t AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient &ATSPClient);
    int32_t AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient *ATSPClient);
    int32_t AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient &ATSPClient, TElXMLCustomFormatter &Formatter);
    int32_t AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient *ATSPClient, TElXMLCustomFormatter *Formatter);

    integer AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient $ATSPClient)
    integer AddSigAndRefsTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient $ATSPClient, TElXMLCustomFormatter $Formatter)


  • ATSPClient - TSP client to be used for time-stamping
  • Formatter - XML formatter. This parameter is for internal use only. Set this parameter to nil/null/Nothing

Return value

    TSP error code. See TElCustomTSPClient.Timestamp for their values.


    Call this method to add SigAndRefsTimestamp element, which contains a timestamp over the XAdES-C form of the electronic signature.

See also:     AddRefsOnlyTimestamp     AddSignatureTimestamp     AddArchiveTimestamp    

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