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Specifies Windows certificate storages which are used to access certificates


    TElStringList SystemStores;

    Property SystemStores As TElStringList

    property SystemStores : TStringList;

    TStringList* get_SystemStores();
    void set_SystemStores(TStringList &Value);
    void set_SystemStores(TStringList *Value);

    TStringList get_SystemStores()
    void set_SystemStores(TStringList $Value)

    TElStringList getSystemStores();
    void setSystemStores(TElStringList Value);


  • StoreName - The name of the Windows system store to enable or disable


    This property defines which Windows stores should be used to validate the certificate. Depending on the value of StorageType property the contents of SystemStores property can be:

  • stSystem - The names of the stores are added to the list. By default, there are four pre-defined certificate stores: ROOT, CA, SYSTEM and MY, but the user can add ones using Windows certificate content dialog.
  • stRegistry - Registry keys, where the certificates are stored, are added to the list.
  • stLDAP - the addresses of LDAP servers are added to the list.

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