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Specifies the Windows physical certificate storages which are used to validate server certificates


    TElStringList PhysicalStores;

    Property PhysicalStores As TElStringList

    property PhysicalStores : TStringList;

    TStringList* get_PhysicalStores();
    void set_PhysicalStores(TStringList &Value);
    void set_PhysicalStores(TStringList *Value);

    TStringList get_PhysicalStores()
    void set_PhysicalStores(TStringList $Value)

    TElStringList getPhysicalStores();
    void setPhysicalStores(TElStringList Value);


    This property defines which physical stores of Windows system stores should be used to validate the certificate. If there are no physical stores specified, all physical stores are used.

    This property is only used when StorageType property is set to stSystem.

See also:     GetAvailablePhysicalStores     StorageType    

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