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Returns friendly name for Windows certificate storage.


    static string GetStoreFriendlyName(string StoreName);

    Shared Function GetStoreFriendlyName(ByVal StoreName As String) As String

    class function GetStoreFriendlyName(StoreName : string) : string;

    static void GetStoreFriendlyName(const std::string &StoreName, std::string &OutResult);

    string GetStoreFriendlyName(string $StoreName)

    static String getStoreFriendlyName(TElWinCertStorage> this, String StoreName);


  • Self - you should always pass null as this parameter.
  • StoreName - system storage name.
  • this -

Return value

    Friendly name of the storage.


    Each Windows certificate storage has two names. The first name is such as "MY", "ROOT" etc. At the same time each storage can have the second name so-called "friendly name": "Personal", "Trusted root" etc. GetStoreFriendlyName allows to get the second name by the first one.

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